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qPCR and PCR

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a core and widely used laboratory method. An enhancement of this method, qPCR (quantitative PCR) measures the amplification of DNA in real time and not at the end of cycling like conventional PCR. Together these applications have contributed to significant advances in gene expression, genotyping, cloning, and other applications.

Central to PCR experimental success is the design and high quality synthesis of primers or probes. Primers and probes that are prematurely truncated, contain incorrect base sequences, or include carryover contaminants from manufacturing processes can impede accurate and efficient PCR.

Over several decades, we have refined a proprietary platform that improved nucleotide coupling efficiency during oligo synthesis. Subsequent purification steps ensure a high quality primer or probe for consistent performance. All oligos are QC tested in-house by ESI mass spectroscopy to ensure an accurate, full length, final product. Moreover, years of experience with nucleotide chemistries and thermodynamics has been incorporated into advanced algorithms powering our easy-to-use sequence design tools.


Gene expression »

Choose from probe- or intercalating dye–based qPCR options across a flexible, user-defined product offering. PrimeTime products offer a full workflow solution, but components can also be ordered and used separately. This modular system includes predesigned or custom assays, custom probes, master mix, and design tools. Learn more about gene expression.

Genotyping »

Use the rhAmp SNP Genotyping System as a fully integrated, high performing solution for out-of-the-box convenience. The PACE™ system (3CR Bioscience) offers an economical, easy-to-scale up solution for high throughput applications. For user-defined methods, order custom probes such as LNA probes and assays with modifications that increase Tm. LNA modifications enable probe designs within challenging sequences and with selective target identification. Learn more about genotyping.

Featured products

Custom probes »

Select from a broad catalog of custom fluorescent probe options, including Affinity Plus LNA (locked nucleic acid) probes, double-quenched hydrolysis probes, and Molecular Beacon probes. Each of these probe types may be customized with numerous dye-quencher combinations and formatting options.

Custom primers »

Use our quality primers as part of a larger product solution, or order as standalone core reagents. Design and ordering is easy using our free, online tools.

Master mixes, enzymes, and reagents »

Select easy-to-use, pre-formulated mixes, including PrimeTime Gene Expression Master Mix and rhAmp Genotyping Master Mix, or purchase standalone core reagents to complete your experiments.

Inventoried oligos »

Choose from a wide variety of ReadyMade oligonucleotides for sample preparation, PCR, and gene expression analysis that are ready to ship when your order is received.

GMP & OEM services »

Use our customized products and services to meet the rigorous quality requirements for various GMP-regulated applications.