Genes & gene fragments

Single- and double-stranded DNA fragments and cloned genes for synthetic biology and other molecular biology applications

Our high-fidelity synthetic genes and gene fragments are the result of a long-standing commitment to innovative chemistry, optimized methods, and a robust manufacturing infrastructure. These products are built using our Ultramer DNA Oligos, which set the standard for quality within the industry, and every gene or gene fragment you receive shares or exceeds that consistently high quality.

Double-stranded DNA fragments »

Gene fragments for easy gene assembly, genome editing, qPCR standards, antibody research, and much more. Shipped in only a few business days.

Single-stranded DNA fragments »

Megamer Single-Stranded DNA Fragments are synthesized from clonally purified DNA and sequence-verified via next generation sequencing.

Custom gene synthesis »

Sequence-verified complete genes constructed with our highest-quality oligos. Delivered ready-to-use in a cloning vector.

Ultramer DNA Oligos »

The foundation technology for our genes and gene fragments, Ultramer oligos also serve as excellent components for mutagenesis applications.

DNA origami reagents »

Scaffold DNAs, Staple Strand Oligos and Folding Kits for DNA origami self-assembly.

GMP & OEM services »

Customized products and services to meet the rigorous quality requirements for clinical and molecular diagnostic applications.