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Archer™ NGS assay innovations as a part of IDT

Archer's expanded FUSIONPlex™ and VARIANTPlex™ product lines feature key advancements to drive NGS oncology research

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As consistent innovators in next generation sequencing, Archer has continued advancements of research assays at IDT since its acquisition in December 2022.

Recent innovations include liquid reagent availability for VARIANTPlex and FUSIONPlex chemistries, allowing for high‑throughput automated library preparation.

Additionally, recent expansion of the Archer portfolio provides more options for oncology sample interrogation:

  • VARIANTPlex Complete Solid Tumor including TMB assessment in a broad, pan‑solid tumor panel
  • VARIANTPlex Pan Solid Tumor to assess TMB using a minimal sequencing footprint
  • FUSIONPlex Core Solid Tumor for structural and small variant calling from RNA samples

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Demaris Mills
Integrated DNA Technologies

The addition of Archer technologies and capabilities have enhanced IDT’s existing NGS portfolio, enabling us to accelerate our NGS development pipeline and advance cancer research. IDT’s industry-leading reputation, coupled with our manufacturing and commercial infrastructure, are key to propelling Archer’s next stage of growth, as reflected in our recent launches and future product development pipeline. Under the IDT banner, we’re proud to have reinvigorated the Archer promise to deliver innovative technologies that enable the greatest genomic breakthroughs.

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