Packaging and Formulation

Packaging and Formulation scientists work in a controlled environment to insure sample preparation under RNase-free and DNase-free conditions. The Packaging and Formulation group offers a variety of customized services:

  • Preparation of multiple replicates (tubes or plates) from large-scale reactions
  • Dilution of oligos at specific concentrations
  • Multiple oligo mixing
  • Dilution and dispensing into customer provided tubes/plates (e.g., kit components)
  • Custom labeling
  • Dilution of oligos in customer specified buffers
  • Kit assembly
  • Handling of oligo orders with custom specifications not part of our routine catalog offerings:
    • Special yield guarantees
    • Special purity guarantees
    • Signal-to-noise ratio testing for fluorescent probes
    • Other special QC needs
  • Special documentation requirements:
    • Collate synthesis records for batch tracking and reagent source documentation
    • Collate QC documents into a QA packet
    • Signed QC documentation per custom specification

Please inquire for other services.

To start a project or for additional information, contact your local Customer Care Representatives or email us at